For a better definition of the goals facing the future project, it is necessary to fill out the brief in as much detail as possible. Your answers will help form an idea about you, your customers, and your own preferences and tastes. All the wishes described in this questionnaire must be taken into account when creating the terms of reference.

Using this information, we will be able to more accurately determine the cost and timing of the project.
If any of the questions in the questionnaire seem difficult, please contact us for clarification.

We guarantee the confidentiality of the information provided about you and your activities.
Website development brief
*Required to fill out
General information
Development Information
It is necessary to indicate direct competitors in your valuable segment. If possible, describe their strengths and weaknesses. Specify site addresses
Who makes the decision to buy a product or service? His socio-demographic characteristics (sex, age, income, education, lifestyle)
Briefly describe their functional purpose and give a description of the content of each of the sections.
Logo, sign, corporate color, corporate font, photographs, materials used in the development of other promotional products, etc.?
Attach files if any
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Write design requirements that must be met. Wishes for the design of the site.
Write the addresses of several sites that you like. What exactly do you like.
Connecting Feedback Widgets
Assistance with domain registration*
Do I need to connect an analytics system?*
Connecting a security certificate?*
Is further technical support required?*
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