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3l моделирование и визуализация
3Д виртуальные туры
Виртуальная реальность VR
3D modeling and visualization plays a big role in project delivery.

Result: after finishing customer will receive color images.

Cost (including 3D modeling):
Cottages - $1 400 and more;
Buildings - $2 500 and more;
Residential buildings - $3 500 and more.
Virtual 3D tour is another way to showcase a future or real project. The tour creates a "presence effect" on the object itself for the viewer.

Result: after finishing customer will receive web project for viewing in browser.

Cost (for future projects it is necessary to include the cost of 3D visualization):
One - two points — $140 and more for 1 points;
Three - five points — $120 and more for 1 points;
Six points and more — $95 and more for 1 points.
Virtual reality, a world created by technical means, transmitted to a person through his sight and hearing. Virtual reality simulates both exposure and responses to exposure.

Result: upon completion, the customer receives the project for viewing with glasses.

Cost after project discussion.

Everything is animated!

3l моделирование и визуализация
Video animation is very useful tool for presenting projects.

Result: after finishing customer will recieve video in mp4 format.

Cost $120 for 1 second. The minimum length of video is at least 10 seconds.