One pager
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Teaser for Forpost
Forpost LLP has been mining ore and gold at the Ushshoky deposit since 2006.
One page for Forpost LLP should be prepared and presented to disseminate information about the company to interested parties.

It was necessary to work out the analytical materials of the company, develop the optimal teaser style.
Main numbers
of one pager
of development
The complete assembly of the presentation was done in

We used contrast in sizes and colors to make the data on the slides more readable.

We added a thematic image, showed the geographical location of the deposit, and showed the description of the deposit with icons.

Limited Liability Partnership "BASS Holding" got an excellent experience of working with GRAND TOTAL!
We contacted the company for the first time and ordered a one pager presentation. GRAND TOTAL employees quickly and professionally worked out the structure of the slide, graphically displaying all the necessary information in a single style.

We were satisfied with the result of the work and especially appreciate the responsible approach of the GRAND TOTAL performers. In addition, when we needed to make some adjustments to the presentation, the performer quickly responded to our comments and made all the necessary changes.

We look forward to further cooperation with GRAND TOTAL and can confidently recommend them as a reliable partner in creating presentations.

Genral director Sadvakasov Ch.M.
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