2B Agency are the new communications agency

Presentatiotn design for media, event and PR agency
2B Agency provides services for the development of strategies in external, internal, anti-crisis, SMM communications and PR.

The company was created by professionals with 40 years of combined experience in these areas.
The company had only a logo and it was necessary to develop a presentation in accordance with the modern PR style and logo style.

The presentation will be used for demonstration on screens and it distributed in electronic PDF format.
Main numbers
The complete assembly of the presentation and its animation was done in
Feel the difference
We analyzed and structured the information and focused on the most important theses in each section

We took the circle from the existing logo as the basis of the geometric element. The main color is pink.

The style shows that 2B Agency is a modern company and when viewing the title slide it would be clear what the agency does.

The structure and context of the presentation allow you to quickly understand the meaning of the slide.

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