topics of ESG
Visual materials of the ESG preparation report for PwC Kazakhstan
PwC Kazakhstan is an international network of companies offering consulting and audit services.

PwC supports companies in their quest to move from theory to practical action to implement ESG principles by helping them develop a specific plan and strategy and implement individual initiatives.

PwC regularly publishes analysis of material ESG topics in oil and gas, banking, energy and mining industries.
The project was carried out as an example and the publication "Important Topics of ESG" by PwC Kazakhstan, it published in May 2022 and was chosen as the basis.

It is necessary to prepare and visualize the PwC Kazakhstan publication.

It was necessary to work out the company's analytical materials, it develop the optimal presentation style. Let's take a look at how we accomplished this task step by step.
Main numbers
based presentation
The complete assembly of the presentation and its animation was done in
Feel the difference
We analyzed and structured the information and focused on the most important theses in each section

We used contrast in sizes and colors to make the data on the slides better perceived.

We animated the Slides to look impressive and interesting.

We have arranged Statistics and figures into understandable infographics and presented the data in tables and charts for visual comparison.

Animated video based on the presentation
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